Nap Time at Alicia's Place Childcare

We accommodate naps at anytime of the day, but we try to stay consistent with times for each child rather than blocking out times for all. If your child currently goes to school and is only here for afterschool care, they may not need as many naps as a child who is with us all day. We have a dedicated nap room with blackout curtains, a  baby monitor, and pack n’ plays.

Whether it is singing to your child or making sure they have their favorite stuffed animal before they fall asleep, our day care specialists have lots of experience putting kids down for naps. We understand that parents have different methods of handling their kids’ nap times and we want to make sure that we are being consistent with what the parents are doing at home for their child(ren).

We also try to inform parents about the importance of naps and different sleeping habits we notice with their kid(s). Naps are very important since your child(ren)’s body and mind is growing and developing at a fast pace. Throughout the day, your child is taking in and processing so much new information, learning, and being active. We try to avoid any drop-in day care while your child is sleeping so they can get that much needed rest.

Alicia's Place Childcare can help you find ways to get your child to fall asleep faster without as much fuss, so that you can get some quiet time during your day.

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